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Spring grass burning

Act. 314/2001 From. from. on fire protection, as amended, speak a clear language – burning vegetation herbs, shrubs and trees under threat of large penalties strictly prohibited. Infringements of this prohibition by law threatens fines for legal persons up to 16 596 €, individuals fine of up to 331 €, respectively. in a block proceeding up to 100 €.

Legal entities and natural persons - entrepreneurs according to § 8 Act No.. 314/2001 From. from. on fire protection, as amended prohibits especially:

  • burn crops of herbs, shrubs and trees
  • establish a fire in the spaces and places, which could result in fire
  • burn flammable materials outdoors at times of increased risk of fire

Natural persons in accordance with § 14 ods. 2 Act No.. 314/2001 From. from. on fire protection, as amended prohibits especially:

  • smoke or use an open flame in areas with increased risk of fire
  • burn crops of herbs, shrubs and trees
  • establish a fire in premises or places, which can lead to the spread

Nevertheless, each year finds "wannabe", who knowingly law, or unknowingly violating. In fire it occurs not only negligence in setting fires in the countryside, children playing with matches, discards butts while smoking, but also an underestimation of the circumstances in “controlled firing” and also deliberate arson.

"Burning grass really is an annual problem. Therefore, we strongly point out the ban on burning dry grass, which is widespread in our country. It has given rise to a large amount of fire with considerable material damage, often that they contain the personal injury. Sometimes such fires require the highest tax - human life and especially from the ranks of retirees. This is for example the human comfort – people on your property throughout the year and do not care to spring an old dry grass, or small bushes without much effort own destroyed.

Another problem is the lack of legal awareness, Thus, ignorance of existing legislation, to prohibit that activity. "

plk. Ing. Eduard Kolodzej – Director of department of Fire and Rescue Service in Kežmarok


Dear citizens,

Your traditional electricity supplier, VSE (ALL), our attention, that in our community are moving peddlers sellers of electricity, who call themselves employees of the Eastern Energy.

Give the citizens to sign new contracts for electricity and may also happen, that without it, aby you know about this, change of electricity supplier and not already in VSE.

If you or your family have visited peddlers sellers of electricity and you suspect, you have been deceived, Come the day 27.1.2017 from 13:00 of 14:00 the Municipal Office, There will be staff of the Eastern energy at the designated car and advise you.

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