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Newcomer willow will do everything to save

VRBOV. Piatoligový rookie willow, which is the lowest in the relevant regional competition last year fought his way up from 3. Places I. District League, despite not najlichotivejšiemu position in the table after autumn, Herne disappoint.

His strength is not in one fight and convince his rivals, s rivaled, although the final result sometimes not confirmed. The residents of Vrbovec present, however momentary performing with the village dominated by a substantial satisfaction, allowing us the following interview confirmed by President Radovan Bartko FK (more…)

The parish notice

09.03. - 15.03.2015

Monday:07:00Town. Paul Regec
Tuesday:sv. Mass will
Wednesday:13:00Town. Eliska Stanková
(so sv. Mass)
Thursday:18:00Town. Zofia, Peter and Francis Pisarčík
18:30 - 19:30Adoration
(St. option. confession)
Friday:17:30piety of the Cross
18:00Town. Andrej Mašlonka
Saturday:07:00Town. John Kovalčík
Sunday:08:00Town. Zofia and Vojtech Zajac
10:00Town. Ján a Zummer Agnes
14:00piety of the Cross
Cleaning church group No. 11
Pause Regecová, Faith No Kovalčíková. d. 28, Katarina Kovalčíková, Bozena Kovalčíková.

Welcome Vrbov

Dear Fellow Citizens, Dear visitors of the websites of the village Vrbov.

These websites should mainly serve the people of our community, native willow, but also to everyone, who of our beautiful town looking for any information. The main objective of the site is to provide information on all areas of community life, from its history to the present day, about upcoming cultural and sporting events, the work done, and projects to promote community development, the executive and governing bodies and global events in Vrbove. All the news and information will be continually updated and renewed. We welcome each story, Any comments or complaint, which would be beneficial to improve the quality of site. This thanked all, who contributed to the making.


Mgr.Tatiana Faltínová mayor

The village and its competence

The village is an independent territorial, autonomous and administrative unit, It combines Homes, who have their permanent residence. The village itself decide and carry out all tasks related to the administration of its own assets and its own income.
The basic role of the municipality in the performance of self-care is the comprehensive development of its territory and the needs of its inhabitants.
Municipal authorities are the Municipal Council and the Mayor of. The municipal council may establish and abolish where necessary, permanent or temporary executive, inspection and advisory bodies, especially municipal council, commission and determines their job description. Community leaders and the supreme executive body of the village's mayor.
The local authority is the executive body of the municipal council and mayor. Municipal office provides organizational and administrative matters of the municipal council and mayor, as well as the authorities established by the municipal council.
If it is established in the village was responsible for the general office, municipal office and leads the organism to work.

Source: Zákon SNR č.369 / 1990 Zb. on Municipalities, as amended,

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